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Trapani Enterprises strives as a company to be a leader in the bottling and packaging industry by offering turn key solutions while delivering clean, quality products for our customers. No product will leave our warehouse without being properly inspected, repaired, cleaned and tested. We as a company observe the demand for well kept machinery at an affordable price for which our goal is to not only have happy customers but to retain our customers through out the life of their business. 


Trapani Enterprises LLC. was founded by Jacob Trapani in 2014. Having grown up in the bottling and packaging industry as well as owning two bottling facilities of his own. Jacob saw demand for quality used machinery at a competitive price.

Trapani Enterprises started out in an 1,000 square foot facility which it quickly grew out of. currently we are fully utilizing 15,000 square feet with plans on expanding even further.

We have heavily invested in state of the art tooling and fabrication equipment as well as high end cleaning equipment to ensure that every machine is properly running, cleaned and sanitized before being put to market.

Trapani Enterprises has extensive experience in low-mid speed as well as high speed production lines. we provide high quality turnkey lines utilizing new from factory and in-house reconditioned machinery.

In Late 2018 we moved the entire business from New York to Statesville, North Carolina. It was a huge undertaking but it was worth it! We look forward to our future in our new home.

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